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Access and Equity Policy

Tech Skills Australia will provide clear information to prospective learners prior to enrolment or commencement of training or assessment activities, to enable them to decide if Tech Skills Australia and course is suitable for them, taking into account their existing skills and knowledge and any specific needs.Tech Skills Australia will provide equitable access to all required educational and support services, so that no learner is disadvantaged. We will make any limitations regarding access to these resources clear in the pre-enrolment information so clients and learners can make an informed choice about whether or not our RTO and course of study best meets their needs.

As a provider of nationally recognised training and assessment services, Tech Skills Australia is legally and ethically bound to provide a working environment which:
  • Does not discriminate against student groups or individuals on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, physical or intellectual impairment or age.
  • Provides both students and staff with a safe and healthy working environment, which is also free from discrimination and harassment of any kind.
  • Values respect, courtesy and privacy.
The implementation of access and equity is the responsibility of all Tech Skills Australia employees, however the CEO as a particular role in promoting:
  • The understanding and implementation of Equal Opportunity Principles;
  • sensitive and non-discriminatory manner in dealing with clients and staff.>
The Tech Skills Australia access and equity policy is provided within:
  • The Staff Handbook.
  • The Student Handbook.
  • The Enrolment Information Pack
  • Tech Skills Australia Website
    The needs of learners are to be considered in the assessment process and reasonable adjustments are to be made to accommodate the learner. However the rigour of the assessment process must not be compromised. Special client needs will be identified through:

    A current Unrestricted Electricians License is a prerequisite for registered courses at TSA. As a result the flexibility we are able to offer to students based on LLN is restricted based on the cohort of learners and their pre requisites for course enrolment.All students enrolling for TSA courses must meet the minimum requirements for LLN. Students are required to read, write and speak English in order to interpret drawings and assessments; must hold TSA Access and Equity Policy Website 1

    a current ‘unrestricted Electricians license’ (issued in an Australian State or territory) and meet all the requirements to have registered as an Electrician.
      • initial contact with Tech Skills Australia
      • receipt of application materials, and
      • Orientation events prior to the commencement of training and or assessment.
      • Knowledge, skills and attributes of an electrician:
      • good vision and hand-eye coordination
      • accuracy, with a keen eye for detail
      • good physical fitness
      • be able to work independently and in a team

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