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Certificate IV in Hazardous areas - Your ticket to competency
17 Nov, 2017 | by TSA

Certificate IV in Hazardous areas - Your ticket to competency

It is imperative that students understand and have a thorough knowledge as to what exactly constitutes a hazardous area. The student should also know why training is important before trying to take on work or specifying equipment into a hazardous area. These areas are also known as classified locations and are defined as areas which have a high probability of an explosion because of the possible existence of flammable gases, vapors, dusts etc.

Process plants such as oilfields, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, shipping terminals, oil tank farms, power plants etc all process areas that are deemed classified or hazardous areas. Industries that contain hazardous areas are now demanding that electrical workers that are specifying or working in these areas should have a hazardous area qualification that deems them competent. Jobs in these industries are very rewarding so you need to be prepared.

To meet this demand for the industry, nationally recognised training in Certificate IV in Hazardous area Electrical and EEHA training on the development of skilled professionals. TECH SKILLS AUSTRALIA RTO #52737), delivers Hazardous area training in WA.

Tech Skills Australia is a Registered Training Organization providing you with the most affordable and quickest way in obtaining your qualification. Our instructors are industry qualified and have several years of process experience. Our courses have helped hundreds of people from corporate managers to everyday employees in obtaining a solid hold on this not so complicated but high risk training.

This course in hazardous area training in WA is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge of explosive atmospheres, hazardous areas, technical knowledge, skills and hands on training. The training also includes identifying the hazardous areas, sources of explosion and the properties of hazardous materials along with the responsibilities and functions of all parties, regulations, systems, standards and practice codes connected to hazardous areas.

We provide instrumentation and hazardous area solutions that are in compliance to latest AS/NZS and international industry standards. Electrical equipment that are required to be installed in a hazardous area should be designed and tested ensuring that it will not cause any explosion later due to arching contacts or high surface temperatures of the equipment.

Tech Skills Australia is an industry engineering training provider, offering several training courses in Hazardous Areas and Electrical Instrumentation. If you are looking for training and solutions to site-specific hazardous areas, then you need look no further.

We provide hands-on training with our onsite hazardous area inspection and installation bays. These bays contain electrical and instrumentation devices. If you are looking for Hazardous area training in WA then choose TECH SKILLS AUSTRALIA. We encourage you to visit our premises at Unit 3, 119 Welshpool Road, Welshpool, WA or visit our website at http//www.techskillsau.com.au and see what we can offer you before you commit. Transparency is what you should demand from your selected training organisations.


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