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High Voltage Switching Operations

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High Voltage Switching Operations


This High Voltage Switching Operations course is intended for workers who will be performing the role of an authorised High Voltage Switching Operator. This role includes, but not limited to:

  • Performing switching to a switching program
  • Writing, checking and authorising switching programs
  • Coordinating switching schedules and permit procedures
  • Issuing access permits
  • HV switching operator


The candidate must hold a current ‘Unrestricted Electrical Workers Licence’ or equivalent issued by an Australian State or Territory or valid and relevant Electrical engineering degree and 18 years of age or over.


All course participants are eligible to attain the following units of competency, which have no prescribed prerequisites:

  • UEPOPS349 Operate local H.V. switchgear
  • UEPOPS357 Operate local L.V. switchgear
  • UEPOPS428 Develop H.V. switching programs
  • UEPOPS430 Control permit to work operations
  • UEPOPS456 Perform switching to a switching program
  • UEPOPS525 Coordinate and direct switching program
  • UETTDREL16 Working safely near live electrical apparatus
  • UETTDRRF09 Apply access procedures to work on or near electrical network infrastructure

An Electrical Trade qualification is required to attain the following additional units of competency:

  • UETTDRIS44 Perform HV field switching operation to a given schedule
  • UETTDRSB39 Perform power system substation switching operation to a given schedule
  • UETTDRIS48 Develop high voltage switching schedule
  • UETTDRIS50 Coordinate power system permit procedures
  • UETTDRIS51 Coordinate and direct power system switching schedules
  • UETTDRIS67 Solve problems in energy supply network equipment

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