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Tech Skills Australia is pleased to announce that courses will be conducted out of their new Brisbane offices. Please contact us for further information.
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Tech Skills Australia is a specialist technical training provider in the fields of Electrical, Instrumentation and Hazardous areas. We provide fast tracked training to a wide range of industries through various platforms to suit our client’s needs.

2. Scope of Registration

UEE40411 Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation
UEE42611 Certificate IV in Hazardous areas – Electrical
EEHA Training
EEHA Refresher Training
EEHA Awareness Training
UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control


3.1 Fees:

Each course that TSA offers attracts a different fee. Fees are broken up into installments. The Installments will be paid in four (4) parts:
• Enrolment – Deposit - Instalment 1
• On commencement of training - Instalment 2
• At the end of the first week - Instalment 3
• At the end of second week - Instalment 4

3.2 TSA Cancellations:

TSA is committed to delivering the course as outlined on our website course calendar, however TSA reserves the right to:
• Cancel proposed classes prior to commencement, if the minimum number of students has not been met. This notice will be published on the website and sent to affected Students via email, 5 working days prior to the scheduled start date
• Reschedule a follow up class to best suit all students
• Ensure that once a course commences it will be completed unless unforeseen circumstances prevail. In this case, TSA will make every effort to reschedule the course.

The course fees already paid to TSA for training and assessment services not delivered will be refunded to the student. Based on the number of units of competency completed, TSA shall refund all of the tuition fees receipted.
• Make reasonable changes to the schedule, location or trainers specified for a course.
• Make amendments to the contextualized content and syllabus of a course to meet the requirements of the group.
In the event of course cancellation, no fees are payable.

3.3 Student Cancellations & Refunds:

All cancellation of attendance at a nominated course must be made in writing.
Tech Skills Australia will apply the following percentage of refund to all training cancellations:
• Any cancellation with more than 7 days’ notice will receive a full refund, less a 10% administration fee.
• Any cancellation with less than 7 days’ notice will receive a 50% refund on fees paid.
• No refunds will be issued once the course has commenced.
• Where students are presented with circumstances beyond their control that requires cancellation of the course, we request that the student discuss all possible solutions with the CEO. Should an early departure still be necessary the student is required to complete a TSA Withdrawal form, enrolment may be
• Deferred
• Transferred to another person
This is based on the discretion of the CEO.
• Refunds will be credited to a nominated bank account within 10 working days; upon written receipt of cancellation.
TSA reserves the right to request a student leave the course, without refund, if that student causes disruption amongst other students/ the trainer is in training in accordance with the Student Code of Practice. ( refer to the student handbook, Chapter 7, Section 7.2 )


4.1 Training Room Discipline

All Students are required to contribute to a friendly and cohesive environment for study. Any inappropriate behavior in the classroom will be treated as interruption to the class. A student may be asked to leave the course depending on the seriousness of the situation. Inappropriate behavior may include the followings.
• Impede the trainers’ delivery
• Impose a negative impact in class
• Disrespectful or offensive language
• Interfere with the learning and assessment
• Interrupt the class unnecessarily
• Any obstructive behavior
• Any student present in the course under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the training immediately.


4.2 Disciplinary Action

TSA staff will engage in a private and confidential conversation with the student in question. A counselling session will follow to understand and explain the consequences to the student. If such behavior continues after the counselling, TSA reserves the right to request the student leave the course.

4.3 Your Own Work

Cheating / copying from other students whilst undergoing Assessment is strictly prohibited. If a student is caught copying they will be issued a warning. If the student is found copying a second time they will be asked to leave the training room immediately. The matter will be referred to the Training Manager for investigation and will be placed on the student’s record. After a meeting between the student and training manager the following outcome may occur:
• You will be asked to leave the training due to misconduct
• You will be deemed Not Competent for all the assessments completed during the training
• A record will be placed on your file and notification will be made to any relevant party i.e. your employer if they enrolled you in the course



5.1 Know your Rights

TSA employees and students are legally bound to comply with the legislation of both the Commonwealth and Western Australia. These include but do not preclude other governing bodies:
• WA Vocational Education and Training Act 1996
• Copyright Act 1968
• Disability Discrimination Act 1992
• WA Equal Opportunity Act 1984
• Racial Discrimination Act 1975
• Sex Discrimination Act 1984
• Work Health and Safety Act 2011 – Commonwealth Law
• Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 – Commonwealth Law
• WA Environmental Protection Act 1986 and Regulations 1987
• Insurance Act 1973.
• Privacy Act 1988
• WA Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984
• WA Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996

Under Discrimination Legislation - Zero Discrimination
TSA has zero tolerance to discrimination of any kind
• Zero engagement in any form of discrimination
• Zero engagement in racial or sexual harassment
• Equal opportunities