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TSA Testimonial

I found the course to be very informative in a nice relaxed atmosphere. I feel the course was well structured and well delivered.

James Kirkpatrick

(Cert IV in Electrical Instrumentation)

Acquiring new knowledge from a competent trainer at a pace that suited my capabilities.

Robert Kilby

(Cert IV in Hazardous area – Electrical)

A good environment. Useful training material! Trainers were very thorough and always asked if the instructions were clear and that I understood tasks.

Ian Cappleman

(Cert IV in Hazardous area – Electrical and Cert IV in Electrical Instrumentation)

The whole experience of the course was great. I would like to sa a big thank you to everyone at TSA for maing the course a great experience.

Matthew Chandler

(Cert IV in Electrical – Instrumentation)

The best aspect of the course was working on practicals. I learned a lot of new skills.

Jamie Coombs

(Cert IV in Electrical – Instrumentation)

At times the pace was too fast for my ability to keep up, but the trainer did manage to persist with me and eventually I learned the process I needed to. I would like to say this was one of the most rewarding courses I have undertaken and am looking forward to day 1 of the EEHA course.

Ian Gosling

(Cert IV in Electrical – Instrumentation

Very good practicals and practical assessments. The lecturers spent lots of time teaching and guiding me. I am so more confident now. I would like to say thank you for spending so much time with me. TSA is far better than their competitors in developing a sound instrumentation course.

Byron McNeil

(Cert IV in Electrical – Instrumentation)

PID training met my expectations and I also obtained vital skills and knowledge of testing electromagnetic flowmeter. I work daily with valves and now I can understand in real practice what it is and how to work skilfully with valves. The practical exercises were very helpful for my job requirements. Training on PID control loop was very helpful and I can apply the skills at my work. The training met requirement of my job and my expectations and now I can understand what instrumentation is all about. PLC practical have been helpful and met the requirements of my job, trainer’s presentation was outstanding.

Gift Lowane

(Cert III in Instrumentation and Control)

Being able to get one on one help in the course. Other RTO’s offer the course online, which there is no way in hell I would do as I found a lot of the information I needed to be explained to me.

Christian Brady

(Cert IV in Electrical Instrumentation)

There was a lot of information to take in but was delivered well with good relevant content.

Dean Fisher

(Cert IV in Hazardous area – Electrical)

Very Useful Chapter to set Inspection paths. Good Evidence for inspection, makes clear inspection.. Knowledge from instructors.

Ramon Wattson

(Cert IV in Hazardous area – Electrical)

Good Course and good assessments. Trainer was easily approachable I wasn’t scarred to ask questions. It is a lot of information to take in a short amount of time, but explained very well and would recommend this training provider to my work mates.

Ryan Chessman

(Cert IV in Hazardous area – Electrical)

I have gained the knowledge and skills needed in my area of interest. Furthermore, I was able to do actual/ hands-on work which gave me confidence that I would be able to apply these at work.

Soliman Galupo

(Cert IV in Electrical Instrumentation)

All the facilities were available to put the theory into practise. The trainers were very knowledgeable and prepared to spend time in explanation.

Robert Kilby

(Cert IV in Electrical Instrumentation)

Content in the course was of high value and trainers were very good at teaching.

Lee Pragnell

(Cert IV in Electrical Instrumentation)

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